Random Inspiration

I would LOVE to cook in this kitchen!!!!!!!! Modern cottage style. Love!

Stylish but cozy reading area.

Oh Kristin.....

I don't think there has ever been an entire purse collection I have loved. Until now.....

I want them all in my closet!

I believe....

.....that a woman can never have too many dresses - and shoes and purses and pretty jewelry too. It's good to feel lovely and present yourself well. Men can have their big *toys*, I'll take the lovely attire.

The weather is starting to warm here. Bring on the summer dresses!

Oh, Anthropologie how I love you!

Here I go....again

Packing- again. For over the 20th time in the last 8 years. I'm feeling good about the current move. Same city, new condo. Excited actually....

One of the sweet pleasures of moving- getting to redecorate all over again! While my personal things are much the same, the layout and colour scheme and vibe of the place is totally different. I love that. Creativity...here I come to let loose again!

As soon as I am settled and can get my kitchen goodies arranged, I am making this stunning Strawberry Tart by Canille et Vanille

Do you enjoy the excitement of moving or dread it?


Next weekend being Mothers day and the stream of warm weather that has blessed our region has left me daydreaming of ideas for a lovely tea & brunch for Mom.


Do you have a tradition with your Mom? Would love to hear your ideas!

I heart....

Currently being inspired by the following.....

A bit random, but none the less oh so pretty!

Holiday Attire

Dear Santa,

I know it's a little late, but I truly heart these pieces from Anthropologie for the season!

A good girl,


P.S I made way too many cookies like every year, I'll leave you extra :)

Frosty & White

There's something about a spectacular Christmas setting that induces an aura of holiday magic. I love this glittery white and frosty blue tablescape!

What's your favorite colour scheme or theme for the holidays?